Helping to Educate Underprivileged Kids in Nepal

(This project is on hold due to the two earthquakes destroying these schools in Nepal.)

1 Date of application: 10/08/2014
2 Applicant: Arjun Aryal and Nancy Niklis
3 Address: 500 University Ave # 509, Honolulu, HI, 96826
4 Telephone/Fax: 808 255 5139
5 Email:
6 Contact person: Arjun Aryal
7 Project Coordinator: Arjun Aryal
8 Project title: Financial aid to support education of underprivileged children in Nepal
9 Project site: Shree Baraha Kalika Higher Secondary School, Dhola VDC, Dhading, Nepal
10 Purpose: Provide financial aid to underprivileged children to support their needs (books,
stationeries, uniforms etc.)
11 Evidence of need(s): see next page
12 Implementation plan: see next page
13 Evaluation process: Headmaster will send a report. Arjun will verify independently.
14 Project start date: Jan 2015
15 Expected date of completion: First phase in 3 years
16 Budget (Itemize):
a. Parts:
b. Labor
c. Others (specify): Financial Aid
17 Source of matching funds and amount(s):
18 Grant amount requested: $1000/year (for three years)
Please submit by email and send a cc to:
Evidence of need(s)
The Shree Baraha Kalika Higher Secondary School is situated in the village of Dhola, a
remote area of Nepal (see map below). The village of Dhola has a population of 6200
(estimate from 2014) with approximately 1500 children within the K-12 grades. More than
98% of the total populations are subsistence farmers. They grow just enough food to survive
with little or no money left over for anything else. Education in Nepal is free (no tuition) but
there are fees such as admission fees and costs related to books and stationary. Most children
go to school but many of them drop out mainly because of the following three reasons: 1)
Parents cannot afford supplies and uniforms (mandated by the school) 2) Parents have the
children stay at home and take care of their younger siblings when the parents go to work and
3) Children go to cities to earn a living as child laborers.
Implementation plan
Our plan is to provide financial aid for 10 underprivileged children at a cost of $100/yr/child.
This $100/yr will be used to purchase stationary, books, uniforms and some meals during the
festivals. The school headmaster will purchase the goods for the children. Children or their
parents will not receive cash directly to avoid any misuse. Arjun will independently monitor if
the money is fully utilized or not. The school has an internet connection and Arjun and Nancy
are planning to connect with the headmaster and students via skype on a regular basis
(approximately every 2 months – you should give a number here). The headmaster and other
teachers will provide a list of awardees to Arjun and he will verify if those selected are truly
underprivileged. For example, see the picture below of a child (Ajit BK) who is in desperate
need of assistance.
Ajit BK (connotes untouchable in Nepali) is one of the identified underprivileged children.
His home is in the background and water leaks onto the firewood that him and his family
collected for cooking fuel.
Few Pictures from Arjun’s Visit to the Village (three years ago)
Arjun making firewood at his Home (left) and his relatives in the village (right)
Radom pictures taken at the school (2011)
About Arjun (applicant)
Arjun is originally from Dhola village in Nepal where this school is situated and he had his
primary education at this school. Arjun did his undergraduate education in Nepal and later did
is Masters degrees from the University of Cambridge, UK and Purdue University. He joined
University of Hawaii in 2005 as a junior specialist and later did his PhD in Geology and
Geophysics. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Hawaii at

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