Activities and Involvement


Current and Future Activities:

Annual General Membership Meeting /Board Meeting:  Nov 27, 2016; 2:00-3:00 p.m. (Sunday); at 99 Ranch (Mapunapuna)

November 3- 12, 2016 – Our President Sammy Lee, Secretary Aujun Aryal, and Board Member Monica Lee visiting Nepal and attending the opening of Mandali Secondary School in Dhola VDC of Dhading District.

Rebuilding Schools in Nepal:  Our Board has approved two proposals to rebuild two schools in Nepal – Fundraising activities going on.  Volunteers welcome! Community Services:  Teaching Tai Chi/Qigong and Mahjong;  Volunteer Income Tax Assistance; Cantonese/Chinese-English interpretation/translation; Olelo Community Media productions; Tutoring

Solicitation: soliciting contributions and application for grants and scholarships

Scholarships are being offered to Guizhou high school students and existing recipients to continue their college education, as well as needy students at Smart Tutoring English Center in Hoi An, Vietnam.  Grant is being offered to assist underprivileged kids in Nepal; Grant is being offered to establish Little Free Libraries in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Recruiting Board members

Grant writing

 History of Events:

May – June 2016  Over $15,000 raised for the rebuilding of earthquake-damaged schools in Nepal.

Mar 27, 2016  Fundraising planning meeting @99Ranch, Mapunapuna,  5 p.m.

Feb  1 – Mar 9, 2016   Free Income Tax Preparation @ Palama Settlement, 810 N Vineyard Blvd, Mon & Wed 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Nov 14, 2015   5-6 p.m.   Annual Meeting; 6-8 p.m.  Charity Dinner Charity Dinner Report

Nov 5, 2015 Tax Return Form 990PF 2014-15 with schedule B filed f990pf2014-15

May 31, 2015   Board Meeting at 99 Ranch, Mapunapuna.  Minutes.

Apr 4- 6, 2015  Ada Au, our representative in Hong Kong, personally delivered scholarship money to recipients in Guizhou, China.

Feb – Mar 2015     Community Service: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Dec 12, 2014     2014 Annual Mtg.doc ,  2014 annual bd. minutes.doc

Nov 2014     Approved the application from Arjun Aryal and Nancy Niklis: Helping to educate underprivileged kids in Nepal

Oct 31 – Nov 8, 2014  Sam Lee visited Nicaragua with church members from  St. Peter by the Sea (Rancho Palos Verdes, California).

Oct 2014     Tax Return Form f990pf 2013-2014.pdf with schedules B filed

October 2014   Approved the application of GLocal Literacy Foundation for the Little Free Library (Starting June 2015)  for the first year, a total of $3000.  If proved successful upon evaluation towards the end of the first year, the grant for the second year may be considered

October 2014  Approved application for the renewal of the scholarship program for STEC, a total of $10,000 ($5000 each year starting June 2015)

April 2014     Donated HK$30000 (approx. US$3867) to Queen Elizabeth School Old Students Association in Hong Kong helping students with financial needs and many other meaningful purposes.

April 7-9, 2014   Representing Education International Foundation (EIF), Sam Lee, along with a group of three others (representative from Grace Charity Foundation, and two other supporters of Grace Charity Foundation’s work), went to Guizhou on April 7, 2014 with the sole purpose of distributing awards (financial and otherwise) to deserving students.  View slide show.

Feb – Mar 2014     Community Service: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Nov 30, 2013     Board Meeing and Annual Membership Meeting

Oct 2013     Tax Return Form f990pf–2012-13.pdf with schedules B filed

Oct 2013     Met with Grace Charity Foundation volunteers Ivy Shi and Ada Au.  Approved an addition $10000 to Grace Charity Foundation’s Library Books Donations Division

Sep 2013     Met with Literacy Action president and discussed Guangxi school visits.

May 2013    Approved a grant of $10000 to Grace Charity Foundation’s Library Books Donations Division

Apr 2013    Granted $6000 to Grace Charity Foundation’s��Library Books Donations Division

Mar 8 2013     Approved the scholarship application from GLocal Literacy Foundation for 33 students in Vietnam for 2 years: $9,900.

Feb – Mar 2013   �� Community Service: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Oct 2012     Tax Return Form 990PF with schedules A and B filed

Oct 21, 2012  Annual Membership Meeting: Minutes

Jun 2012     Granted $5000 to Grace Charity Foundation’s Library Books Donations Division

March-April 2012   Visited Hong Kong and Guizhou

Feb – Mar 2012     Community Service: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Oct 16, 2011     Annual Membership Meeting

Oct 2011     Tax Return Form 990PF with schedules A and B filed

June 2011������������������������������������  Approved a grant to rebuild two schools in Liuzhou, Guangxi

June  5-10, 2011     Summer Teaching in Hoi An, Vietnam; Visited STEC, our grant recipient

May – June 2011     Visited Hong Kong: Meeting with Literacy Action and Grace Charity Foundation

March 2011     Final inspection and opening ceremonies of 4 schools in Guangxi, China: Fuling, Shantang, Shuangping, and Hangpeng

April 2011     Continued financial assistance to 10 high school students in Guizhou

Feb-Mar 2011  Community Service: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Jan 30, 2011     Annual Membership Meeting

December 2010     Approved a grant to GLocal Literacy Foundation for an educational loan and financial assistance

October, 2010   �� Tax Return Form 990PF with Schedule A and Schedule B filed

August 2010 �� �� Two primary school buildings in Sandu, Guizhou completed:  Paishao and Gaoyao

July 2010   ������ Teacher’s training in Tengxian, Guangxi: Teaching Phonics; Meeting with Literacy Action and Grace Charity Foundation

May 2010     Airing on Olelo TV Community Media: Teaching English Phonics for Cantonese Learners 

March – April 2010    Airing on Olelo TV Community Media:Helping Children Go To School

Feb – March 2010     Community Service: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Jan 17, 2010     Annual Membership Meeting

December 2009     One school completed in Wuzhou, Guangxi: Datong Primary School

October, 2009     Tax Return Form 990PF with Schedule Aand Schedule B filed

July  2009     Rebuilding 6 more schools in Guangxi, China (Grant)

June 2009     Opening ceremonies for four primary schools completed in Tengxian, Guangxi: Xuncun, Guchi, Liuli, Huan;

Inspected 9 schools (grant applicants) in other Guangxi areas.

Jan 18, 2009     Annual Membership Meeting

October, 2008     Tax Return Form 990EZ with Schedule A and Schedule B filed

July 23, 2008: The name of our Organization was changed to Education International Foundation

July 11, 2008:  Form DNP-1, Article of Incorporation filed to change name

April 23, 2008 �� Rebuilding 5 more schools in Guangxi, China(Grant)

March 16-30, 2008: Visiting Hong Kong and Guangxi, China

March 2008: Four schools completed in Guangxi (Grant 1 and  Grant 2)

January 19, 2008  Annual Meeting at Buffet 100

October, 2007     Tax Return Form 990EZ with Schedule A and Schedule B filed

Aug 16, 2007     Rebuilding a school building in Tongren, Guizhou, China (Grant)
June – July 2007   Visiting Hong Kong and China (Guizhou)

March 17, 2007       Membership meeting, March 2007

Jan 8, 2007        Rebuilding 2 school buildings in Guizhou (Grant), China

Dec 1, 2006     ��    Funding Seng Meng School

Nov. 30, 2006��       Mini-Fair at Lanakila School

Oct. 7-8, 2006       Splendor of China (EIF booth set up)

Sep 3, 2006            Board meeting

June 22-23, 2006   School visits in Guangxi, China  Report

June 20-21, 2006   School visits in Guiyang, Guizhou, China (See Timeline,)

June 10-18, 2006   Teaching English and teacher training at Dawu School in Xushui, Hebei, China         Report

June 6 – July 10, 2006   Visiting China (Hong Kong, Xushui, Guiyang, & Guangxi)  Timeline

December 2005   Rebuilding a school building at Hongkang School in Dojiang, Sando County of Guizhou in China, ground-breaking in December 2005 through Grace Charity Foundation

November 2005  Membership Drive/ Annual Membership Meeting/ Board Meeting

June-July 2005��   Visiting China (Hechi, Guiyang, and Fenghuang)

March 12, 2005  �� Board Meeting

February 7, 2005  Solicitation for Grants and Financial Support

Dec. 4, 2004 �� ��������    Membership Drive Movie Night Potluck Dinner

Sep. 30, 2004       Board Meeting

Aug. 17, 2004       Board Meeting

July 6-8, 2004    ��  Site Visitation & Networking at Guizhou, China

June 25-July 21, 2004  Networking in Hong Kong

June 22, 2004       Letter of Determination of Tax Exempt Status issued – Foundation status classification 509(a)(1) For period 4/26/04 to 6/30/08

Apr. 1, 2004         Registration Certificate Granted Exemption from the State of Hawaii, Effective 9/15/03

Dec. 26, 2003–Jan. 6, 2004     Networking in Hong Kong

Oct. 1, 2003    ����    Form 1023 (Application for Recognition of Exemption) filed

Sep. 30, 2003  ��������  Form G6 (State Application for Exemption) filed

Sep. 16, 2003      Form SS4 filed, EIN: 13-426-4258

Sep. 15, 2003      Constitution & Bylaws signed, Organization formed

Aug. 3, 2003      �� First formal meeting

June 2003    ��   ��   Brainstorming/Articulation (Founders)

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