Scholarships, Stipends, Grants
August 20, 2008

  1. Types of Awards – The following awards are being considered:
    1. Scholarships providing direct assistance for students in targeted areas* –

(a)  An amount of $10.00 – $100.00 a year per elementary school student or $50.00 – $200.00 a year per secondary school student selected from low income families.  At least 20,000 individuals will be eligible for Type 1(a) scholarships.

(b)  An amount of $10.00 – $20.00 a year per elementary school student or $50.00 – $100.00 a year per secondary school student selected for high academic performance/achievement.  At least 5,000 individuals will be eligible for Type 1(b) scholarships.

Click EIFform_scholarship.doc_for scholarship application form.

  1.   Grants for specific projects, the purpose of which is consistent custom research paper writing services with the goals and objectives of our Organization, such as co-sponsoring the rebuilding of school buildings in a targeted area.  Amount of award may be up to $50,000.00 per project depending on the needs and availability of funds.

Click EIFform_grant.doc for Grant Application Form or here for a sample grant application.

  1. When to Apply – Applications will be accepted between January 15 and February 28 each year or call us to make an arrangement.
  1. Restrictions and Limitations – There will be no restrictions or limitations in the selection procedures based upon race or the employment status of the prospective recipient or any relative of the prospective recipient, except that family members or relatives of the selection committee are not eligible to apply.
  1. Number of Awards – The number of awards the Organization anticipates making annually will depend on the availability of funds and the types of applications received. Approximately 1900 Type 1(a)/1(b) awards ($10 – $50 each) and seven Type 2 awards ($5,000 – $40,000 each, approx.) have been granted during the first five years.
  1. Supervision of Awards –  Recipients of Type 1(a)/1(b) awards are asked to write a thank-you letter and recipients of Type 2 awards are required to provide a report at the end of the funding period.�� Interim reports may also be required. Receipts and/or other documentation may be requested.  Reports should explain how funds have been used and the progress of their achievements, if applicable.  The funds should be returned if any of the terms of the award are violated.


* Targeted areas: Poverty areas where education is limited or may not be readily accessible.


How to Apply

Click here to view a printer friendly version of scholarship application form.

Click here to view a printer friendly version of grant application form.


  1. Click on the application you want above. A pop-up should appear.  Then click on “Open.”
  2. Complete the application form, either email and cc to, or print and mail to the Organization address (908 Kahikolu Place, Honolulu, Hawaii  96818).

Click here to open an html. version of grant application andhere to view a sample grant application.

Our Grant Recipients

Grace Charity Foundation
Grace Charity Foundation is a charity organization in Hong Kong founded in 1994.  Their primary goal is to help with education in the most needy mountainous areas in China.  It has been our grant, scholarships, stipends, and library books donation recipient since 2005.  All their members are volunteers.  With their help, we have helped to build/rebuild four elementary schools, finance 10 secondary school students each year since 2006, provide stipends for school fees and supplies, donate thousands of library books to selected schools based on needs and uses.
Click here to find out more about them.

Literacy Action
Literacy Action, a charity organization in Hong Kong, whose mission is to promote the educational efforts in China, has been our grant recipient since 2006.  Through their effort, we were able to help build/rebuild about 16 schools in the mountainous areas in the Guangxi province in China and provide teacher’s training there.

GLocal Literacy Foundation
GLocal Literacy Foundation (GLF) is another educational charity foundation from Hawaii whose main focus is to teach English in Hoi An, Vietnam.  With an educational loan from Education International, they started an English learning center in Hoi An, the Smart Tutoring English Center (STEC).  We have also provided a matching grant for scholarships to their needy students at STEC for two years (2011-13).  This grant will be renewed from 2013.  GLF coordinates summer teaching in Hoi An each year.  View this album for our visit with GLF in Hoi An in the summer of 2011.

Care Action
Care Action is another charity organization in Hong Kong.  In 2006, Care Action assisted us in providing stipends to approximately 1500 students in the County of Hechi of the Guangxi Province in China.
Click here to visit their Website.

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