Why List

  1. Why do you want to have this organization?

We want to help children in the needy areas to have the opportunity to receive a formal education.

  1. Why do you want to help them to receive education?

We think education can improve the quality of life, not just for the students, but for all those around them, which will indirectly affect the world.

  1. Why do you think education is so powerful?

Education facilitates learning and knowledge is power!

  1. Why is knowledge power?

When we know how to do things, we can make things happen and become a contributing and productive citizen.

  1. Why would knowing how to do things help us become a contributing and productive citizen?

When we work, we become productive and will thus contribute to society and the world.

  1. Why would work contribute to society and the world?

When there is a need in the world, there is a demand; and work will help  supply that demand.

  1. Why would work help  supply that demand?

In order to provide for a demand, we must produce through work.

  1. Why would this improve the quality of life?

When a demand is fulfilled, there is satisfaction.

  1. Why would the education overseas affect the quality of my  life?

When people feel good or when they are satisfied, they tend to do good to others.  This spreading of goodness will eventually come back to us, to someone or everyone.

  1. Why would this goodness spread to us?

If, given that there were only ten people in the whole universe, if more people felt good, fewer people would feel bad.�� It would not take too long for the good feeling to spread to everyone. Although, in reality, there are very very many people, we believe this philosophy will hold true:  as more and more people are satisfied, fewer and fewer people will be needy.  It may take longer, but will eventually come back to us, or our descendants.

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