Section 1. Qualification

a.  Membership shall be open to any one who shares the same goals and makes a donation of an  amount determined by the Board of Directors (currently $10.00).

b.  Other interested persons may become a member by volunteering his or her service to the  Organization.

c. ��Membership shall cease automatically when the qualification specified in section 1.a or section 1.b  above no longer applies.


Section 2. Rights and Privileges


All members shall be entitled to attend all business and social functions of the Teach Overseas Foundation. They shall have a voice in the deliberations of said business functions but no vote.  They shall be entitled to vote at the meeting serving as the annual meeting and be eligible to serve  on the Board and to hold office on the Board.


Section 3. Dues


There shall be no membership dues. In place of dues, the Education International Foundation will annually solicit for contributions to the Education International Foundation Grants and Scholarships.

Click here for a membership application form.  Complete the application form, either email to and cc to, or print and mail to the EIF address (908 Kahikolu Place, Honolulu, Hawaii  96818).

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